Heiferlands Synchronised AI program – It’s no bull

With the rising costs of Bulls and good genetics, AI is now a serious option.

  • How much really does your bull cost you?

  • Good genetics on the hoof is big bucks, AI brings a lot of solutions

  • No faulty bulls or untried bulls and all those other bull issues.


Heiferland’s Sychronisation program

Synchronisation is our business it forms the basis of our programs and we believe and are convinced of the benefits. Developed over time for the industry with repeatable achievable outcomes.

  1. The Custom Heifer option.

  2. The Contract Heifer option.

  3. The Trade Heifer option.

  4. Commercial Synchronised Breeder management.

  5. Rent a Womb.

“Custom Breeds to suit your needs”