About Us

Heiferland is a unique heifer/female depo geared towards addressing a vast need in the Australian beef industry. We are totally tailored to develop the female and the vital role she plays in all viable and productive cattle operations. With so much money and effort being invested into sires, while this is wise and important, not at the expense of your females. Why not marry the two and maximise the total potential of your herd.

As a result of heifers, coffee and time we have developed what we feel are varied options incorporating balanced and repeatable programs, most of which are in response to the real and observed needs of both our clients and the industry in general. We are interested in your industry goals and in helping you reach them. We service both commercial and Stud producers.

The females in your herd represent both the future and the stability of your operation. They are the core nucleus for any producer. They are the bread if you like on which everything else is layered. The cow is the solid rock, the heifer the future direction. They also can be the last to receive the attention to detail they deserve.

Here at Heiferland we want to give the girls the opportunity to shine in their position as the backbone of any successful operation. Our Goal is two pronged:

The Replacement heifer

She represents the future profitability and genetic improvement of the herd. She also comes with headaches.

  • Largely unproductive for the first 2yrs until she has her first calf.

  • She is a drain on cash flow, grass, time and effort.

  • She is often not developed properly effecting her future as a reliable breeder.

  • The right bulls to source and purchase, just any old bull will not do.

  • Empty heifers to deal with.

  • Paddocks tied up.

Why not explore the many heifer options available at Heiferland?

Want to keep your own replacements? Let us custom join and develop them for you.

Want to purchase selected joined heifers? Let us contract them for you.

Want to value add and trade heifers? See our trade option.

EU heifers? There is an option for you?

Heiferland helps take the headache out of the heifer…

The Breeder

This is the engine room, the strength of your breeders equals the year in year out baseline production of your entire operation. Breeders beg the question of maintenance. What about real achievable maintainable growth. She is already a calf machine lets up her pay grade and make her a strategic producer of genetic potential.

  • How to effect rapid genetic gain in all your herd, not just the 10% your replacement heifers represent?

  • How to produce tighter, more even and heavier calves at weaning, increasing dollars and decreasing time management?

  • Increase fertility reduce time spent in postpartum anoestrus?

  • How to make the best of the girls I have, while quickly reaching for my industry goals?


Increase the Benefit of your Breeder, Have a look at the Breeder options available at Heiferland?

All of the programs at Heiferland incorporate Ovulation Synchronisation and Timed AI. The benefits are definitely worth looking at.

  • Every female has the opportunity to become pregnant on the first day of the breeding season. This leads to tighter calving patterns and heavier calves at weaning and equals real dollars in your pocket. (See Table 1, Baruselli et al. 2004)

  • Cows spend less time not cycling. “It has been shown that 70-80% of Bos Indicus wet cows managed in grazing conditions are in postpartum anoestrus at the beginning of the breeding season.” (Dr G. Bo. 2007) (See Figure 1, Short et al. 1990.)

  • The use of superior genetics. Reduced bull costs, ability to use the right bulls. Less dystocia, rapid increase of genetic gain especially in successive generations. Your bulls cost more per calf than you might think.

  • You control the timing and therefore potentially more of the results and are less at the whims of seasonal restrictions.

  • Join your heifers to calve before your breeders giving them time to rebreed.

  • Reduced labour and management at calving

  • Good even lines to market.


Table 1 Comparison of in calf rates (ICR) between a FTAI programme and natural joining