SAV Brilliance

Bull name: SAV Brilliance

Add some shine, try a little brilliance

  • Tremendous power, muscle, shape and style in a low birth weight package

  • Progeny are proving themselves in the show ring and the paddock

  • One of the top sires for negative birth weight and CE

EBV’s  simply sparkle.

Rennylea Edmund

Bull name: Rennylea Edmund

Super sire

  • Outstanding calve ease prospect ranks in the top 1% for CE and 2% for GL and BWT.

  • Carcass extreme ranks top 10% EMA top 1% for fat and breed leader for IMF.

  • Outstanding progeny in the paddocks

  • No1 semen selling sire in 2013-14 and 2014-15 season.

Highly though of let Edmund be your choice, he will not disappoint.


Bull name: Ko Googol

Plenty of bang for your buck in this package

Impressive low birth weight high growth rate sire

  • Three generations ABS pedigree with CE sires like Infinity and Convergence in his family tree.

  • Googol is the No 1 growth bull in the angus breed of all bulls with a negative birth weight

Put some growth into your calves while staying safe at a low birth weight

Kesslers Frontman

Bull name: Kesslers Frontman

Front and Centre

  • Moderate, heavy muscle with excellent feet and legs

  • Strong calving ease potential

  • Backed by five generations negative birth weight  females

  • Top 5% CE and BW

Well worth your attention.

Dunoon Regan

Bull name: Dunoon Reagan

Highly proven Australia Sire

  • Absolute calving specialist

  • Top 1% for Birth weight and calving ease daughters

  • Top 2% for CE direct

  • Great carcass traits

Plenty to like about this boy combining strong carcass traits with no miss calving ease genetics the way to every girl’s heart.

Black Jack

Bull name: Black Jack

Curve bending EBV bull offered in Autumn 2015

  • Striking son from the limited semen release famed sire, Forward.

  • Black Jack has the balance of EBV’s, structural data and phenotype

  • Strong maternal line

Give him another look this year.

Carters Counterweight

Bull name: Carter’s Counterweight

Perfect balance of birth weight and pay weight.

  • Super sound structured and great disposition

  • Great calve ease choice

  • Like his sire offers a ton of extra rib and mass with really good muscle and thickness.

2016 inspection- Bull with depth, capacity and muscle. Good skin and hair type. Docile and easy to handle.

Weigh up your options Carter’s Counterweight will come out on top.


Bull name: Clunie Range Legend

The Reality son with CE, growth and carcass

  • Truly impressive female line

  • G. dam E111 is large framed, long bodied with excellent udder and teat placement and faultless foot structure.

  • Dam J81 has inherited the same outstanding udder and foot structure. The maternal line traces all the way back to Te Mania LowanU43, full sister to Ulong.

“Legend has been an impressive individual from a calf, He was the best of a flush of seven high quality calves. He shows tremendous thickness with depth of body and outstanding topline. His muscle content is matched with a fantastic skin type and he oozes softness and doing ability. We expect thickness and genuine muscle in this bull to impress further as he matures and we are expecting great things from him.” Breeder comment Brett Guest.