Branxton of Brinks

Bull name: Braxton of Brinks

A moderate birth weight, big growth Csonka son

  • Csonka sons will add profit for both seedstock and commercial operations.

  • Calves are deep bodied with lots of ‘look’ at me.

  • Braxton in Australia has top 1% GL, top 5% scrotal and to 10% 200 day wt.

  • Polled

Csonka sons don’t disappoint.


Bull name: CB Hombre

Very sound moving, excellent joint structured bull built to cover the ground

  • Progeny are bold ribbed with extra base in a sound soft package.

  • Moderate calve ease bull.

  • Strong maternal line tracing to the famed 416E and 541E8 cows.

  • Polled

This Hombre is tough to beat and demands respect.


Bull name : CRC Specialist

Specialist is the name and Specialist calving ease is the game of this superb Brangus Bull.

No miss calving ease genetics

  • Dependable calving ease genetics confirmed by a -6.8 birth EPD ranking him # 1 in the breed.

  • Dam is #1 in the breed for BW.

  • Polled

  • Specialist was the $40,000 2008 sale topper

“Truly a calving ease sire! The place that I have seen this bull working best, so far, is in a situation where calving ease is the highest priority. If you want to breed a set of heifers and do not plan to assisting these cattle in any way at calving, then Specialist will meet the requirements”- Kylie Devoll, southern cattle co

Why not give your girls the Specialist treatment.

  • Heiferland

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