Commercial Synchronised Breeder Management

This is our mobile option. Designed for those EU females or the larger breeder mobs where off farm is not an option. We will come to you and bring our highly successful Heiferland program with us. All you need to do is deliver the cows to the yards. There are many things to think on:

  • If you place time and effort into your heifers, great first step but you are only effecting at most 15% of your herd at any one time. What about a collective benefit for all your girls, fast track genetic benefits.

  • What about every female having the opportunity to be pregnant on the first day of your given breeding season. This equals real dollars, it is estimated that every cycle she fails to conceive you lose about 20kgs of live weight. Do the sums, that’s a lot of weight over a hundred cows in an average 90 day breeding seaso

  • What about genetic gain, using superior sires with superior traits calving tighter and earlier. Give the girls good bulls, think of 50-80% of your cows calving early to those types of AI sires. With the price of bulls AI is a very real option.

  • What about every cow having the opportunity to produce a calf every year. If you join for longer than 80 days than it is physically impossible for every cow to have a calf every year. A cow has 83 days to rebreed of which 20 odd days of that are used to get over calving repair her uterus and commence to cycle again.(see figure 1) Now add in postpartum anoestrus: days spend not cycling which in Bos Indicus females can be from 60-120 days post calving. This all equals later calving’s, lighter out of season weaners or empty cows.

The Answer = Synchronisation = Heiferlands mobile breeder programs.

Now things don’t happen overnight, but with careful planning over a 3-5 year period you can achieve a 60 day joining and be enjoying the benefits mentioned above, year in year out. Even seasonal control is manageable for you, if you have to supplement girls for breeding it is only for 10-12 weeks and not up to 5 months as in conventional systems.