Custom Heifer Option

The way heifers are developed and managed can and does have a marked effect on her future performance as a breeder. Our goal in developing heifers is to set them up for success. What you set in place at her first breeding often determines her future. If she fails to breed in the first year research shows an average lifetime calf crop of 55% compared to 86% for her herd mates. (Dan Brown, Extension Animal Scientist.) Research also shows if she calves early in the breeding season she is much more likely to rebreed and achieve that blessed one calf/ year bottom line. High accuracy calve ease bulls are important factors. As not only is dystocia a killer, but it is the, “single greatest factor effecting whether females resume their estrous cycles after birth and become pregnant during the following breeding season.” (Dr Cliff Lamb, 2012)

In short your girls need a little TLC, that’s where we come in. If you want to develop your own heifers or females book them into Heiferlands unique Custom program.

  • Your heifers

  • Your choice of semen

  • Your choice of timed program.

  • Every heifer will be submitted to Heiferlands unique Synchronisation program with two opportunities for insemination.

  • Your heifers will remain under Heiferlands care for 8-10 weeks.

  • We maintain consistent above industry averages in both cycle rate and pregnancy rates.