Heifers For Sale

38 Quality#5 commercial Droughtmaster heifers.

Really nice breeder quality heifers.

By RSVP and Vale view sires

Quiet, good to handle. all the hard work is done.

To AI November, to highly decorated sire Sylvan Springs Escapade

33 Quality #5 commercial Charbray heifers.

Quiet, well handled. Will make top breeders.

Some stud bred girls in this lot.

In program now, Joining to award winning sire Sylvan Springs Escapade

These heifers are FOR SALE now. Don’t miss out on a little Escapade.

Good heifers joined to good sires = productivity…

All heifers are fully synchronised and re-synchronised for two opportunities at AI with as tight a calving pattern as possible.

Heiferland consistently achieves above 94-98% cycle rates. The opportunity for herd improvements are available. Check out our sires. Don’t have what you want, just ask this is only a selected list.