Rent a Womb

Now this is a new option for us but with enquiry has come initiation. This option could be a match made in heaven between two parties, both achieving their desired goals.

Do you seasonally mate? Maintain a good commercial herd? Want to benefit from synchronisation as a management strategy?  And earn a few extra dollars while doing it? Rent a womb may be for you…

  • You provide the wombs ( your commercial cows)

  • Your herd is synchronised and implanted with valuable embryos. The balance Inseminated or joined naturally (still maintaining the benefits of synchronisation).

  • You are paid a premium for valuable weaner calf, plus the balance of your herd is in calf with your choice of genetics. There is a payment plan.

  • You are responsible for the cows and calves until delivery of a weaner calf. You need to look after them like you would normally.

Do you have valuable genetics looking for recipient females? Don’t have or want to maintain a recipient herd? This may be an option for you…

  • You provide your valuable genetics.

  • Implanted by professionals into good quality mothers known to raise good calves, looked after by reliable commercial growers.

  • Pick up your valuable genetics as a weaner.

  • Pay your bills…