Bull name: Futurity Honey Badger

On inspection Honey badger is a complete beef industry bull and would suit any breed and most systems.

  • Solid Red and polled.

  • Great wealth of CE without compromising on birth to performance growth.

  • Strong head with impact sire outlook.

  • 2016 sale of 6 sons averaged $10,833.

  • Great choice for commercial and stud producers.

Sweet as honey taste and see, we have used this boy on various lines of commercial heifers. He calves out well and produces cracker calves.


Bull name: Futurity Kokoda

“The best Chicago son we have bred to date. We use Kokoda over yearling heifers due to his actual low birth weight, shoulder set, disposition, carcass shape and meat quality attributes.” Jason Catts- breeders catalogue comment.

  • Genuine calve ease sire.

  • Great carcass traits.

  • Kokoda is part of the Shorthorn commercial progeny test program.

A real solider with all the true blue qualities of the Anzacs, put him to the test.


Bull name: Yamburgan Zeus H140

“H140 is a young sire with tremendous potential, the combination of genetics, breedplan figures in his sire are commercially proven and are Durham Research and Development tested.” John Manchee. Manchee Agriculture.

  • Fantastic figures- low birth weight, superior calve ease, high growth, high milk and high EMA

  • By the great carcase performance sire who’s progeny have won multiple independent carcase trials.

  • From a proven performance cow line with strong maternal traits.

  • 2016 Futurity sale 13 sons averaged $14,500.

Mighty in name, mighty is his potential, might-he work for you…