Bull name: Dinton Nautical

United Kingdom sire

  • Proven curve bender

  • Top 1% calving ease ranking

  • Won’t let you down on carcass values

  • Top 1% in all $ value indexes

All Fair weather sailing with this boy, he is a very reliable sire and will not disappoint. We have used him very successful a number of mobs of commercial Charbray heifers with great results. See photos of some of his calves in the gallery.


Bull name: TNT Dual Focus

The best of Angus and Simmental

  • No 2 ranking in the Sim Angus registrations

  • Moderate framed , deep sided, heavy muscled and super easy fleshing

  • Superb calving ease qualities

“A bull I have seen many times, A bull almost of legendary status, CE is excellent, growth and carcass are excellent.. Daughters should milk really well. Bull is in high demand” - Bill Cornell-Beef product manager

Definite dual purpose, a no miss calve ease sire who delivers on carcass traits.


Bull name: Rushmore

This Red Simmental bull ticks all the boxes:

  • Excellent calve ease and birth weight.

  • High performance and growth rates.

  • Rated the best overall FREEDOM son to surface for moderate birth weight, performance, phenotype and pedigree.

Rush on in his excellent calve ease and low birth weight make him a real gentleman.


Bull name: Yellowstone

One of USA best and most popular sires:

  • Near perfect EPD’s, he ranks in the top 20% or better for 13 different traits and indexes- including calve ease.

  • His maternal line is very strong, His dam being highly productive.

  • He has near perfect structure and profile, with added muscle and thickness.

Rock solid in all departments a bull you can build upon.