What others are saying:

“Last year we decided to use Heiferland to AI some of our retained heifers and selected cows. We were extremely happy with the way Glen and Mandy manage the program and the time they put in observing the cattle to achieve the best results possible for their clients. Glen and Mandy kept us up to date with honest progress of the cattle through the program. The calves on the ground now by the Wajatryn Sires look promising and we will be sending some more females this year for the December program. We would recommend Heiferland to any cattle breeders that want to improve their herd.”

Warren and Gavin Ford 4 Dee’s Droughtmaster Stud Mundubbera

“Cattle producers here is your chance to select quality heifers and join them to low birth weight bulls. Heiferland will provide this cost effective service of supplying quality heifers with good temperaments and well handled with horses, bikes and dogs. Monto Cattle and Country has worked with the Ballin family for approximately 8 years and have found their integrity and support second to none. Heiferland heifers have been sourced mainly from the Burnett region which will see them acclimatise to all descriptions of country. Quality and temperaments have been key issues when purchasing Heiferland heifers.”

Brad McInally- Monto Cattle and Country

“I can highly recommend the services provided by Glen and Mandy at Heiferland. For the past 3 seasons I have sent both commercial and stud replacement heifers at ‘Ticoba” to ‘Tudor Springs’ for AI and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. ‘Tudor Springs’ is a top shelf scrub block so regardless of which property my heifers come from, they are on a rinsing plain of nutrition and come home when the program is finished, well grown and in good condition. This is also a testament to the handling facilities and the way the cattle are worked both in the paddock and in the yards. In previous years, we only inseminated the stud heifers ourselves with varying results and a lot of time consumed, Now we not only receive a higher percentage of stud heifers in calf but are also lifting the quality of calf produced from the commercial heifers at a cost I think , which is far out weighed by a higher percentage of superior calves produced by those maiden heifers. Another advantage is having those heifers calving in a much tighter time frame so nutritional management of those heifers is much more cost effective. With the above mentioned advantages I can also say that Glen and Mandy have gone above and beyond as far as care for these heifers is concerned. A couple of years ago there was a group of my heifers severely effected with three day sickness at Heiferland (one didn’t get up for two weeks). Not only did they get an unprecedented pregnancy result in these heifers but I believe only one didn’t return home ( one out of one hundred and sixty). In summary, for me, I can send my replacement heifers to the Ballins, get a better pregnancy rate than at home and at a price, I believe is very reasonable. Allowing me to do other things with my time at sunrise and sunset when these heifers have to be watched. You will not find two people easier to work with than Glen and Mandy.”

Matt Kirk- “Ticoba” Mundubbera