Trade Heifer Option

Let’s talk about value adding. “To succeed, add value-that is- give people something that they really want. Doing something unique is better but it doesn’t have to be completely unique. Keep it simple; provide value; receive payment.”(Sid Kemp, Entrepreneur, 2009)

Want to add value to your own heifers, with a view to keep the pregnants and sell the dries? Or run the entire program as a value add option for trade cattle? Purchase a trade mob, value add them in a Heiferland program, sell the PTIC line and the empty line at the end to various markets. Remembering that any heifer entering a Heiferland program is being developed with her future in mind. The basic principles of the benefits of Heiferlands synchronisation process is the building block for everything we do and guides our approach to the many and varied options available. So your trade heifers receive the same benefits as the custom heifer and contract heifer.

  • The choices of Sires and timing of program are still yours.

  • Full Heiferland synchro package with all its advantages.

  • Heifers are available for sale and listed with Heiferland the day they arrive.